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Rent Check: Lautner-Designed Bergren Residence In Hollywood Hills

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Designed by architect John Launter in 1951, this home is known as the Bergren Residence. Featured on the MAK Center's fall architecture tour way back in 2000 (though not on last summer's Lautnerpalooza), it last sold in 2004 for $844,727. It's now on the rental market for a 6-12 month lease; it's also available for a short term lease for a premium. The two-bedroom, two bath house features concrete floors, Varenna by Poliform kitchen, new bathrooms and Valley views. You can rent it fully furnished "with B&B Italia furniture and carefully curated essentials." Monthly rent: A whopping $6,400.
· $6400 / 2br - The Bergren Residence, John Lautner (Hollywood Hills) [Craigslist]
· 7316 Caverna Drive Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Teles Properties]