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CurbedWire: Downtown Pit Progress, KTown Walking Tour

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FASHION DISTRICT: Hey, WWD: Downtown's shopping scene ain't dead yet. Work progresses (very slowly) on the two-story retail building going up at the corner of Ninth and Main. As reported earlier, this new structure replaces a 1914 one-story retail building that was torn down last year. What stores will open is still anybody's guess, but there seems to be a lot of storage space being built into the basement. Sports store? [Curbed Staff]

KOREATOWN: Hoping to entice those disappearing film and TV crews to KTown, the Community Redevelopment Agency is hosting a walking tour for over 40 location scouts tomorrow from 10-6 (some of it's on a bus). Planned stops include bars, restaurants, the Wilshire Vermont Station apartments, and the aforementioned Summit on Sixth. All in all, the trip will touch down on 21 buildings. [Curbed InBox]