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Sleaze vs. Scandal

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Via Racked LA, news of that $10 million lawsuit movie director Woody Allen filed against American Apparel for using his image on billboards in Los Angeles and New York (in Los Angeles, at least one of the boards went up at Sunset and Alvardo in Echo Park; that one is pictured). According to court documents, Allen called Amercian Apparel's clothing line "low-end" and their ads "sleazy" and "adolescent." The clothing company proved they are willing to get just as dirty. According to the New York Post, the company "fired back yesterday by demanding records showing whether his "highly publicized sex scandal and custody battle" involving ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow and her adopted daughter Soon-Yi -- Woody's wife -- had affected his earnings." Allen filed the $10 million suit last May, alleging American Apparel used his image (in this case, a still from "Annie Hall" with the text "Our Leader" in Yiddish) without his permission. [Racked LA/NY Post]