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Reclaiming the Alleys

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USA Today does a round-up of planned or current green alley projects in cities across the country, and while Los Angeles hasn't kicked off any official program (green alley programs are being studied at this point), the article mentions an example of renegade alley action in Los Angeles. Sounds like all you need is a pregnant woman and a Hitachi to reclaim an alley. Via USA Today: "Suzanne Simmons did not wait for the city to take charge of the alley that runs behind her house and eight others on the south side of Los Angeles. 'Cars would go through there. I didn't know if they were selling drugs or what,' says Simmons, 67, whose Purrfect Growlings company provides supplies to the Los Angeles Airport Police K-9 Unit. 'Nobody wanted to spend too much time there.' She and neighbors gated the alley (something the city no longer allows), set up two Hibachi grills, picnic tables and benches. Baby showers and book club meetings are held there. 'It really invigorates every space we have," Daniels says. '"It's not a lost space. It's a living space.'" [USA Today]