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PriceChopper: Beachwood Canyon Post & Beam

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This house hit the market in January, and has already undergone two (very cautious) price reductions. First listed at $895,000, the two-bedroom, two-bath house features "classic post and beam construction, walls of glass that open to a large deck," hardwood floors, and a bi-level "zen garden." It was first reduced in the beginning of March to $877,100, and then again today. The current list price: $869,000 or (a whopping) $722 per square foot for the 1,204 square foot home. (Recent sales in the area are almost $100 per square foot less on average). Too spendy? It's also available for lease at $3950 per month.
· 2941 Hollyridge Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Redfin]