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Multicultural Man Arriving November

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Last fall, there was a big hubbub over Multicultural Man, a naked statue given as a gift to San Pedro from sister city Ischia, Italy. The trouble, as the Daily Breeze first reported, was that some locals in San Pedro were worried about the nakedness--the statue was reportedly very well hung. (But some experts said the area's salt air would erode the offensive area.) In the meantime, where is the man? A staffer in City Councilmember Janice Hahn's office tells us the statue, which briefly was presented to the public last fall, will have his official unveiling this fall (November 8 is the estimated date). The timing marks the two-year sister city relationship. Additionally, more time is needed because a base is also being made for the statue. For now, Multicultural Man (bigger shot here) is living out his days in a Port of LA warehouse in Wilmington.