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CurbedWire: Venice's Fugliest Building? GOOD Street Contest

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VENICE: During a conversation today with Whitney Sanders of Sanders Architects, he happened to mention that his firm's office at Lincoln and Venice blvds was voted blog Yo Venice's Fugliest Building in the neighborhood last fall. Sanders is a good sport and doesn't mind the honor. Besides, "we do weird stuff," he says. Anyway, the building recently completed construction. There it is. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Following their recent post on what makes a great pedestrian experience, Good magazine is throwing a contest. "We’d like you to design improvements to a street in your area....Take a photo of a street or intersection you know and hate, and then use PhotoShop or any other image editing techniques at your disposal to make the changes you’d like to see implemented." More via their web site. [Curbed InBox]