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New To Market: Mid-Century Post & Beam In Hollywood Hills

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The listing for this 2,494 square foot three-bedroom, three-bath post & beam in the Hollywood Hills has an overstated grandiosity that makes us want to send the listing agent to creative writing class. Keep it simple, people. The listing for the 1957 home presents " a residence, styled to celebrate the provocative essence of visual drama" and doesn't hesitate to use the words "exquisite," "stunning," and "a statement in function & design." Broker please, you're laying it on a little thick now. While the views are impressive, we hate the kitchen and aren't too keen on the bathrooms either. The house was last sold in April 2007 for $1.539 million. Today's asking price: $1.399 million or $561 per square foot.
· 3520 Multiview Dr Hollywood Hills, CA 90068 [Redfin]