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Downtown Daniel Libeskind Heading to Planning Commission

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This Thursday, the Planning Commission will weigh on in that Daniel Libeskind-designed building proposed for 1340 South Figueroa, currently the site of a parking lot, reports the LA Times. News of the project, a 273-unit building with 379 parking spaces, first broke back in November. You can see renderings of the project here (scroll down). So far, there appears to be no placeholders for billboards on the building, so someone probably should tell Libeskind the city requires them. And the Planning Commission schedule can be downloaded here. According to the filing, the developer is also asking for a General Plan Amendment to change the land use designation from Community Commercial to Regional Commercial. Additionally, the filing mentions two proposed restaurants on the ground floor, and a 9,500 square foot spa. The project is being developed by a Korean investment group called CAAM. [LA Times]