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PriceChopper: Price of Parking Lowers At Bader House

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Listed back in March 2008 for $6.995 million, the Bader House, that two-bedroom home on Harold Way that touts "a parking spot in your living room," dropped to $5.95 million in May before being taken off the market. It's worth checking out the gallery to see the car. Last fall, it re-appeared with a new price of $4.895 million--and the seller hasn't budged on that price since. Via the listing: "A wealth of amenities infuse this ultimate, ultra sexy bachelor house. Floor-to-ceiling walls of glass bring the city life into serene indoor spaces." There was some question of whether rolling a car into your house was 1. A pain to do. 2. Breaking some sort of code. 3. Hygienic [8444 Harold Way/Redfin]