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CurbedWire: Wisconsin Gas Stations, Barker Block Release

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[Historians stand in front of a gas station in Wisconsin; Flickr user Mr. Big One]

LOS ANGELES AND BEYOND: The nice people at the National Trust for Historic Preservation sent in the following release, asking Angelenos to submit to their online project. From the press release: "The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company today launched “This Place Matters,” a web-based photo sharing campaign to empower Americans to weigh in on places that they feel are architecturally or culturally significant. People nationwide will be able to post stories and photos using social media sites Flickr and Google Maps to highlight personal, regional and national places that matter to them. The campaign, made possible by the Fireman’s Fund®, will run throughout 2009. "This Place Matters” will feature places great and small, famous and infamous – and even some relatively obscure – that collectively represent the nation’s cultural consciousness." Check out the Flickr photos sent in so far--it's fun to look at. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Barker Block, we nearly forgot about you. Numerous readers wrote in to ask about last week's release of the final units at the Arts District condo project. Here's what the web site is saying: "South Building Release - New Lofts from the High $200s!!" It sounds like last weekend was the big release party. [Curbed InBox]