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First a Better Zoo, Now Better Transit

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The Dodgers will be at Petco Park tonight and the next two nights battling it out with the San Diego Padres. So, what's different about games at Petco vs. those at Dodgers Stadium? Besides being steps away from vibrant downtown San Diego, transit options to Petco (pictured) are increasing, and include not only express bus service on the weekends, but additional train service, reports SignonSanDiego. Meanwhile transit opportunities to LA's stadium are diminishing: recall that last year there was a shuttle that went up Chavez Ravine's steep hill, but without any funding help from owner Frank McCourt, the city says its too broke to offer public transit to the stadium anymore. So, basically LA doesn't even offer local bus service to Dodger games. Shamed by San Diego? Not good. [SignonSanDiego]

Dodger Stadium

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