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Rent Check: Savoy Plaza in West Hollywood

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It seems this three-bedroom, three-bath apartment in the Savoy Plaza on Crescent Heights near Sunset has been available for rent since at least February, but it's recently had a reduction in rent. The 1929 building was designed by Leland Bryant (who also designed the Sunset Tower hotel and Trianon Apartments in Hollywood) and features floor-to-ceiling windows, "French revival influences throughout and time period appropriate renovations," walnut hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. And let's not forget the wainscoting and crown mouldings. The listing also lists its Hollywood lineage, with former residents "Ringo Starr, Mickey Rourke, Peter Falk, Amanda Pete, Tippi Hedron and Marilyn Monroe" and its appearance in the opening credits of "Californication." The Savoy Plaza is also listed as one of the Historic Places by the Historic Preservation Commission of West Hollywood. Monthly rent: $5,450.
· $5450 / 3br - 3Ba 5th Fl. Apt. w/HH Hills to Ocean Views [Craigslist]