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About that Skyline

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KCET's Think Tank blog has an interesting post that examines Municipal Code Sec. 57.118.12, which states that each LA building shall "have a rooftop emergency helicopter landing facility in a location approved by the [Fire] Chief....The short version of what that means to our city: Flat rooftops on skyscrapers, unlike contemporary towers built in places such as Shanghai, Dubai, and London." A longer story on Next American City delves into the topic, noting that the exception to the rule is City Hall. And here's Planning Commission member Mike Woo on the code: "“This is a good example of a law that’s been on the books for many years, but nobody has questioned it,” Woo says. “And yet it has a big impact on the way people think of not just Downtown architecture, but also the whole image of the city.” [KCET/Next American City]