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CurbedWire: Happy Director at Luckman Plaza, USC Architecture Talk

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Work at Luckman Plaza on Sunset Blvd finished about 10 days ago. And there's a brand new statue--what looks to be a director--out in front. It's not clear if that sculpture is supposed to be any one director, but the artwork was done by Frank Meisler. Plus, it's our understanding that many film companies work in the building, so there you go. Kanner Architects did the rehab of Luckman Plaza, a 14-story commercial building erected by Charles Luckman in 1964. [Curbed Staff]

USC: If you can hustle, there's a talk tonight at USC called "Public Forum: Architecture, Design, Art - Strategies for Survival." It's described as a "public conversation with an international panel of artists and architects about the challenges of creating socially engaged projects in urban spaces, including works that address cities in crisis and the urban condition." USC professor Joshua Decter will moderate; panelists include San Diego/Tijuana-based architect Teddy Cruz, Slovenia-based artist and architect Marjetica Potrc and NY–based artist Krzysztof Wodiczko. More at the web site. It's at 7 pm at the USC University Park Campus, Embassy Room, Davidson Conference Center at 3415 South Figueroa Street. [Curbed Inbox]