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New To Market: "Mediterranean Compound" In West Hollywood

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We realize it's perhaps unfair to fault the owner of this 1923 complex for some of the questionable design touches we see in the photos. It might be a tenant with a fondness for vintage carousel horses, indoor weather vanes, and five foot tall "classical" sculptures in the bar, but dude, it is creeping us out. And is that a collection of vintage walking sticks we spy? Actually, that's kind of cool, especially if any of them hide a sword inside. According to the listing for this property, it consists of two separate building on a corner lot. The main house is two stories, with two bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths, hardwood floors, a "Bachelder" [sic] fireplace, and a fenced backyard with a barbecue. The second building is also two bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths with "hardwood floors, spacious remodeled kitchens, stainless appliances, private patios & great views." The property was last sold in May 2004 for $1.450 million (more than double the previous sale price a year earlier for $710,000). Today's asking price: $1.865 million.
· 900 Havenhurst Dr West Hollywood, CA 90046 [Redfin]
· 900 Havenhurst Dr West Hollywood, CA 90046 [Official Site]