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Usher & Enlightenment

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Departed City Planning Commission head Jane Usher is getting more ink now that she's left the commission: The LA Weekly listens in to her criticisms of the Planning Department and City Planning Director Gail Goldberg over both the Bonus Density and Baseline Mansionization ordinances. And here's Usher on her early days with the commission: "A real estate attorney, Usher was counsel to Mayor Tom Bradley, which is why she found the rhetoric of Villaraigosa’s first election campaign in 2005 so appealing, “as was the idea, in those pre-Obama days, of having a broad ethnic coalition leading our city. The glow lasted until last summer. “By the summer of 2008, the mayor wasn’t willing to engage in a single land-use issue,” Usher says. “I wasn’t able to kid myself anymore about my own ability to effect change. At what point do you transform from enlightened to complicit?” [LA Weekly]