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Things Getting Ugly in Venice

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First reported earlier this month, some nutter in Venice continues to slander Mark Ryavec, a member of the Venice Stakeholders Association and a resident who has been active in pushing for overnight parking districts (OPDs) by putting false notes---with his name attached--around the neighborhood, reports The Argonaut. Here's what the notes say, according to the paper. "The flyers make warnings such as stop your dog from “barking incessantly” or the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control will be called, and remove the crab grass on your ugly yard or you will be reported to Code Enforcement." Additionally, the most recent notice "was printed on the other side of a JetBlue receipt and said, “No junk car parking on our street; Move it or we tow it!”" Ryavec tells the paper he believes he's being targeted because of his support of the overnight parking districts. [The Argonaut]