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On the Racked: Downtown Retail Blues, Even More Ed Hardy, Saks and Barneys Sale Spree

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DOWNTOWN: A WWD article looks at downtown Los Angeles, noting that while everyone would love a big box store like Target to come in, the area is unlikely to see any national chains in the short term. Here's the intro to the story: "A few years ago, visions of a bustling, around-the-clock downtown danced in the heads of developers and government officials. Now, despite pockets of progress, financial struggles have created obstacles to retail and residential projects crucial to making downtown a walkable, mixed-use destination and home instead of a stopover for commuters." There are a few bright spots, however, and our sister rounds them up.

LOS ANGELES: Racked LA picks up on that LA Times story about Ed Hardy: Turns out the ball is just getting rolling. In addition to wine, there is Ed Hardy "vodka, beer, energy drinks, coffee, tea, whiskey, tequila, energy 'shots,' and something called 'structured water.'" Shivers.

LOS ANGELES: Everyday the terrible retail economy is giving us a new word to learn. Today, Saks is so going to "break sale" soon, meaning the chain will slash prices before many others, cutting prices on luxury goods by 80% percent. Click through for the info. Additionally, Barney's is having a top-secret menswear sale on Monday, May 4th, according to Racked.
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