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CurbedWire: Medallion Project Rising, Bel Air Monster

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DOWNTOWN: Ah, progress. The latest shot of the mixed-use, M2A designed- Medallion project on Main Street. When it's finished, there'll be 192 units, 203,000 square feet of retail space, a pocket park, and parking for 750 cars. Last we heard, it was going to be finished in the fourth quarter '09. [Curbed Staff]

BEL AIR: Fantastic views and a monstrous project--they always go together. A reader asks: "What is the huge development going up in Bel Air on Linda Flora Dr? There is a huge series of retaining walls that go all the way up the hill. It's either one monster estate or it could be a gated community of some kind. Either way the views from there will be fantastic." UPDATE: The guess is the reader is asking about this property on Chalon Road. [Curbed InBox]

The Medallion

334 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 Visit Website