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The Catch: "Gentleman" Looking For "Gorgeous," um, Roommate

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What/Where: The apartment has four bedrooms. But don't worry about the size of the place, because you'll only be using his bedroom. The other three bedrooms are for "the party leftover people" because this late 40's "gentleman" likes to throw parties. But don't worry, you won't have to clean the apartment because "that's what the two maids do." There's no mention of location, other than Wilshire Blvd.

Sounds good, right?: The apartment has "two levels, three bathrooms, a jacuzzi in a separate spa room and lots of space for whatever you do for a living." And we assume the rent is free.

The Catch: Our Craigslist lothario is "too busy with his life to even care about the idea of getting married. Much better - I have the MONEY to not care about it." So what is he looking for? You just need to be "gorgeous." Well, a little more elaboration reveals that this man likes "a model-look." You will be expected to accompany him to "cocktail parties where the top of Los Angeles' stock market investors gather, have parties at [his] rooftop apartment and enjoy [his] success. All you have to do is to look smoking hot all the time and have a faible for bedtime with a filthy rich guy." To apply you need to send in your headshot and a description of yourself. After all, he adds this charming postscript: "Why the hell should I take you? This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Don't even think about hesitating, or you're out already."
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