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CurbedWire: History in Duct Tape, NoHo Commons Squeeze?

ECHO PARK: It's the duct tape that really stuck out in the press release. Plus, well-known author/Yale professor Amy Bloom gives him an introduction in the show's catalog. Via the InBox: "Hope GalleryLA is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Joe Girandola entitled, Razed in Los Angeles. The exhibition features sculptural relief drawings depicting historic buildings that once stood in the Los Angeles area that have since been razed. Made entirely from a variety of colors of duct tape, the detailed portraits offer an eerie shadow of a diverse past of experimental architecture and historical significance that is slowly being replaced by strip mall sprawl." But what does the duct tape represent? Back to the release: "Duct tape bandages become a uniquely American media to create paintings representing the "quick fix" mentality prevalent in our society." The opening is April 17. [Curbed InBox]

NORTH HOLLYWOOD: A reader is out in NoHo with measuring ruler, and he's confused. Maybe some commenters can help him out. "I've been trying to research online how the Phil's Diner and the Laemmle's theater are going to fit in the small remaining courtyard of the TV Academy. When I walked by Phase III of NoHo Commons today, the office building looks about 75% complete and I saw the Phil's diner hiding behind some walls. That Phil's diner looks a lot bigger than I expected. How do you think they're going to situate the diner in order to fit the theater as well?" [Curbed InBox]