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Whittier May Start Drilling

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While Baldwin Hills residents worry about a proposal to open up new wells, the Whittier Daily News is reporting that Santa Barbara-based Matrix Oil Corp. has filed for permission to drill in Whittier Hills, a move that could bring in $5 million a year to the city. Before anything starts, there'll be a test period, expected to bring in 400 vehicle trips to the area. Via the paper, here's what some people are saying: "'It's what Chevron did,' said Peter Klobucar, who has lived there since 1993, referring to when Chevron Oil Co. drilled for oil in the hills. Chevron sold the property in the mid-1990s to the city. But Alicia Duran, a resident on the street since 1985, said she hopes the truck traffic doesn't resume. 'With a lot of trucks, it tears up the street,' Duran said. "There's also noise and pollution.'" The Wall Street Journal also covers the story, but from an "Aw Shucks Whittier is So Damn Poor They're Digging for Oil" point of view. [Whittier Daily News/WSJ]