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The Brits Love Santa Monica Niemeyer Home

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[Photos by Ngoc Minh Ngo/Elle Decoration UK]
If the dollar to pound conversion rate doesn't scare you, we highly recommend running out to purchase the May issue of Elle Decoration UK. In this issue: One of the first editorial spreads we've seen on Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer's only house in North America, located in Santa Monica and recently restored by Michael and Gabrielle Boyd, of BoydDesign. The couple discuss the restoration, which involved removing "fussy decorative touches" and replacing them with "sleek pared-down surfaces." They also extended the library into the garage space downstairs, in order to create a double-height room with walls lined with books. The house features period-appropriate furniture too, including Prouve and Le Corbusier chairs, Eames-designed stereo speakers, and a Gio Ponti table. Want to see it for yourself? Rumor has it it's the first house confirmed for the MAK Center's fall architecture tour in October.
· Elle Decoration UK [Subscription site]