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Neighbors Balking At Sunset Boulevard Widening Project

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Homeowners in Brentwood and Bel-Air want to stop a proposed widening of Sunset between Barrington Ave. and Gunston Dr., near the 405. The Palisadian Post reports that the LADOT, Metro, and Caltrans are looking into a $6.1 million project that would add 10 feet on the south side of Sunset between Beverly Court and Barrington, and expand between two to 10 feet on the north between Barrington Ave. and Barrington Place. From Barrington Place to Gunston, Sunset will then be expanded by seven feet in both directions. The goal is to have three eastbound lanes to the 405 and two westbound lanes into Brentwood from the freeway. Caltrans also wants to expand the 405's Sunset overpass. The idea was floated to the Pacific Palisades Community Council on April 16, but the council hasn't yet taken a position. According to the Bel-Air Association Blog, groups including the Brentwood Hills Homeowners Association, Brentwood Glen Association, Bel-Air Skycrest Property Owners Association, and Upper Mandeville Canyon Property Owners Association have sent letters of opposition to city councilman Bill Rosendahl. "If a new lane is added, it will simply make the shortcut more popular, bringing in more traffic volume," wrote Tom Freeman, of the Upper Mandeville Association. The LADOT counters with numbers that say the expansion would provide a 114 second decrease in the morning commute, a 39-percent decrease, and 65 seconds per vehicle in the evening or a 50-percent decrease. [Image via BAAB]
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