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CurbedWire: AIA Home Tours This Weekend, Orsini Now Offering Parking

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LOS ANGELES: Oh, spring is here and that means the home tour season is officially on. Get on the bus, put on the paper booties, and start critiquing. The American Institute of Architects has announced the dates and homes of its Spring Tour: It'll take place on May 3rd and there are homes by the following: Jennifer Wen Architecture; Michael Lee Architects; John Friedman Alica Kim Architects; and Jennifer Siegal. More via the AIA's web site. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Something new for Orsini II, that rental development off Figueroa St: They're now offering public parking. We hear they have more than 400 spaces (the residents parking is separate, below) in that Tuscan garage. Our downtown friends tell us other residential buildings also do this. Photo after the jump. [Curbed Staff]