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No More Yellowbook Dumping, Asks Santa Monica Resident

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A reader from Santa Monica sends in the following photo: "Last week, our building in Santa Monica got "dumped' with 30 Yellowbook directories nobody wants...There are 24 apartments in our building. We live on 3rd St. in Santa Monica, just south of Pico. We called Yellowbooks to ask them to take them back, but were directed by a customer representative to go to their recycling website for advice on how to get rid of them. So not only did Yellowbook waste trees and energy to print directories nobody wants, the onus is on the "dumped" to get rid of them. This is ultimate greenwashing, and apparently, there is no stopping it." He also points out that it's happening to other people he knows: "One of my clients got 4 directories: she lives in a single family house on a beach lane in Venice; the other got 5, he also lives in a single family house north of Montana Ave in Santa Monica."
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