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Rent Check: Faux-Frank Lloyd Wright in West Hollywood

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The Craigslist headline proclaims "Furnished Frank Lloyd Wright Mansion!" Except when you look at the listing, only one of those words are true (hint: it's not "Frank" or "Lloyd" or "Wright" or "Mansion"). The listing also claims the house is "in the Beverly Hills area" but PropertyShark identifies the neighborhood at West Hollywood. We knew we were in trouble when the listing agent's site asks prospective renters "r u a man of wealth and taste?" The 1949 three-bedroom, three-bath house is located on a 20,000 square foot property and includes a koi pond, outdoor pool and hot tub, and a recessed fireplace. And more importantly, the listing admits the house is a "Frank Lloyd Wright style property." Does that mean it leaks a lot when it rains? Monthly rent (furnished): $20,000.
· $20000 / 3br - Furnished Frank Lloyd Wright Mansion! [Craigslist]
· r u a man of wealth and taste? [Top Dog Leasing]