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Century Plaza Hotel: Here Come the Politicians

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So one of the biggest issues now facing City Council District 5 is the potential demolition of the Century Plaza Hotel to make way for a two tower hotel/condo project. City Councilman Jack Weiss is leaving office--and you'll remember that the man was almost recalled by locals for his development stance-- and the two potential successors David Vahedi and Paul Koretz will have a run-off for Weiss's seat on May 19th. So what do Vahedi and Koretz think about the hotel? So far, we've got a response from Vahedi (pictured left). He says, "It’s a great hotel and it needs to be preserved." What about people who say it's outdated? "I ask anyone who thinks it's outdated to spend three minutes in there. I think that entryway, the lobby, it rivals the best New York hotel out there." Vahedi, who expressed frustration the neighborhood lost the Shubert Theater, also says he'd be willing to consider an alternative that preserved the hotel and built around the structure. He adds: "We're not going to lose this." Koretz, you're up next. UPDATE, 7: 26 PM: We got Koretz. Via email: "...I just wanted to let you and the rest of the readers know that I am against the destruction of the Century Plaza hotel. I fought against the demolition of the Ambassador Hotel and I know we will need to put up a fight to save the Century Plaza too. We tear down classics at a cost to LA's legacy. The last thing Century City needs is another high rise building that will cause a ton of new traffic."

Century Plaza Hotel

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