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Eric Owen Moss Tower Looks To Rise Along Expo Line

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[ All renderings via Design Boom
It's still only in the schematic design phase, but via Design Boom comes renderings of local architecture firm Eric Owen Moss's planned office tower (called the Glass Tower) for Jefferson and La Cienega, a development that hopes to take advantage of the forthcoming Expo Line rail. A smaller project--about 200,000 square feet--it's being developed by Samitaur Construct, the same group behind another Eric Owen Moss-designed building, the Samitaur building on Jefferson Boulevard (critic Herbert Muschamp's New York Times glowing review is here). Description of the Glass Tower via the architecture firm's web site: "The towers project was dormant for several years, then resurrected in 2006 as a single tower with parking both above and below grade. After a complex series of Los Angeles City reviews the project was re-approved and re-designed. A primary impetus for the return of the project was the advent of a surface, passenger rail system, running from downtown to the University of Southern California, south of downtown, then west along Jefferson Boulevard to a stop at Jefferson and La Cienega."

The project is entitled, and while there's no date for ground-breaking, we're hearing that the firm hopes to start work before 2010, the date for the Expo Line opening.

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