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CurbedWire: 9th and Olive A Ways Off, Little Tokyo Parking Meeting

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DOWNTOWN: Even though it's now going through the entitlement phase, a planned 31-story tower at 9th and Olive project isn't anywhere near to breaking ground, according to a source familiar with the development. The project, first reported by Angelenic, is being done by Laeroc Partners, a Hermosa Beach-based private equity real estate fund. The architect on the project is downtown firm Rothenberg Sawasy. There's no financing yet, nor any construction timeline, so don't get too excited. [Curbed Staff]

: The Little Tokyo Unplugged blog is reporting that there's a meeting this Thursday night to discuss the difficulties of parking in the neighborhood. Via the blog: "The Community Advisory Committee, in collaboration with Little Tokyo Community Council, is conducting a parking needs study. The meeting will be open to the community, and any/all are welcomed to attend to provide input to the parking plan. Come to find out about existing parking conditions data, occupancy/turnover information, and develop/recommend parking management strategies." [Little Tokyo Blog] Image via Angelenic