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ConstructionWatch: Few Shots of LAPD HQ's Mini-Park

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The LAPD headquarters had been making news lately for all the wrong reasons: a ballooning price tag of $437 million and a controversial proposal to name the HQ after increasingly unpopular police chief William Parker. On the lighter side of things, construction on the exterior has wrapped and the one-acre park and outdoor eating area has started to come into view. The concrete eating area at the northwest corner of Second and Main is coming along, while the park area on the northeast corner of Second and Spring has been dozed, tree-planted, and ready for some grass planting. In naming news, the Associated Press reports that the city council will discuss, in addition to the Parker Center idea, proposals to name the new HQ after former LA mayor Tom Bradley, or to call it the Los Angeles Police Memorial Administration Building in recognition of officers who died in the line of duty. The LAPD civilian panel already suggested shooting down the Parker idea.
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