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Venice May Get Its Own Museum

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Which neighborhood doesn't want their own museum? First, West Hollywood decided to look into a museum dedicated to the history of Sunset Blvd, and now the Santa Monica Daily Press is reporting that the Venice Neighborhood Council has agreed to back a new museum dedicated to the history of Venice. Via the paper: "The idea, said Todd von Hoffman, president of the Venice Heritage Foundation, is to create rotating displays that tell the story of Abbot Kinney's efforts in developing the "Coney Island of the Pacific," emphasizing film developments, social history and the vibrant arts community. Most interesting is that the museum will be housed in both a Pacific Electric Red Trolley Car, that'll be donated from Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California, as well as a new structure that'll be "modeled after the old Tokio Station pagoda-style complex." [SMDP]