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LA's First Subway Turnstiles To Debut in June

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No rail line can open quietly in LA, and the Gold Line East Side Extension is no different. Besides the controversial decision to use the Spanish translation as the name on brochures and station signs, the transit line will be the first in the city to feature NY-esque turnstiles when it opens in about two months. According to Dave Sotero of Metro, the line's two underground stations in Boyle Heights will be turnstiled, as well as the Atlantic terminus station in East LA. Metro is moving forward on its plan to add 379 fare gates to all subway, and selected light-rail, stations. A $46 million lease contract with a gating company is paying for the installation of the gates, which the transit agency said will pay for itself in four years by saving $5.5 million a year on fare evasion (the system currently employs an honor system for payment). The LA Weekly ran a story last year that questioned the need for the gates. According to the Weekly, on top of the $46 million lease, another $12 million will be given to said company to maintain the gates and another $10 million is earmarked for the "modification of dozens of subway and rail stations whose beautiful, open-air designs will be difficult to adapt to turnstiles." [Photos of NY turnstiles via Streetsblog]
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