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Wetherly, Caruso Burton Way Project Advance

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A student at USC's School of Policy, Planning & Development attended yesterday's LA Planning Commission and reports that the Rick Caruso-backed Burton Way project, an 88 unit apartment building at Burton Way and La Doux Road went forward. His report: "Yesterday, the LA Planning Commission unanimously approved two projects on or near Burton Way: the 300 Wetherly project, a 95-unit project (including a 12-story tower) which would cover most of the block immediately east of the Four Seasons Hotel. It was amusing to hear representatives from the Four Seasons (which has a larger tower) complaining that the project would obscure views for their guests, and that they would be affected by construction, as if construction of their project didn't affect neighbors. The arrogance of opulence is astonishing. The applicant wants to provide workforce housing for Cedars-Sinai Hospital in a building on Arnaz, but the City of LA doesn't want that as a condition of approval and seemingly doesn't want to be in the position of having to enforce community-benefiting agreements associated with developments. The Planning Commission also approved a Rick Caruso project at 8500 Burton Way, which will cover the block at the southwest corner of La Cienega/Burton Way/San Vicente (just north of the SLS Hotel). If I remember correctly, the project is 8 stories and about 88 units over a ground floor grocery store..." UPDATE: During the hearing, Caruso reps announced they already have a lease with Trader Joe's. [Curbed Inbox]