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CurbedWire: Lot-ta Excitement in Venice, San Pedro Street Lights

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VENICE: Ooh, there's some activity at that long-neglected corner at Abbot Kinney Blvd and Main Streets. For the longest time, there was a sign advertising a retail/commercial development, and now a Venice insider fills us in on what's coming: "It's a paved parking lot, patio, and landscaping replacing the gravel lot that was there." [Curbed Staff]

SAN PEDRO: Word comes from the Community Redevelopment Agency that new street lights are coming to downtown San Pedro. According to the press release, work began this month to install decorative, 1930’s-style Halophane, fluted steel poles along Pacific Avenue from 5th to 9th streets. They will match the lights on 6th and 7th streets; the whole project cost $200,000. The project is expected to be finished by April. [Curbed Inbox]