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Thirty Years Later, Gargoyles Close to Gurgling Again

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Checking in with those Beverly Hills gargoyles, we can report that the famous gargoyle fountain, which hasn't been operable in about 30 years, should be up and running "in a couple of weeks," according to Beverly Hills communications director Cheryl Burnett. At the last check, the gargoyles were still being worked on and in bandages. Additionally, Burnett reports that construction fencing around the new rose garden came down a couple weeks ago. All the work is part of the Beverly Gardens Improvement Project, which was funded by the city and an $100,000 anonymous donation (the donation was specifically meant to fund the rose garden.) Initially we thought the anonymous donation was meant to fund the gargoyle work. Nevertheless, the gargoyles will enjoy their nights in the rose garden after a long day of holding up that water bowl.
· Beverly Hills Gargoyles Will Gurgle Again [Curbed LA]