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On the Racked: Fred Segal Reality Show, American Apparel Gets Pregnant, Malibu Lumber Yard Opens, Everyone Else Closes

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SANTA MONICA: Throw in a recession and unemployment and things could get dicey very fast. Fred Segal is getting its very own Bravo show. "The show in development will document the daily drama at Santa Monica clothing retailer Fred Segal," reports Reuters. Additionally, there will a "behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the sales staff as they deal with high-end customers and compete with each other for commissions." Meow.

LOS ANGELES: Please click through for the picture. American Apparel has expanded into maternity clothing via a new ad campaign that shows the preggers set wearing its clothes. Does our sister Racked LA approve? "The models look cute and happy and not remotely like Dov Charney cornered them with a camera in his bathroom, so we think we approve."

LOS ANGELES: Even as Malibu Lumber Yard, a new shopping center, opens on the site of a former lumber yard, there are closings galore. More on Malibuians grumbling about the Lumber Yard here. And here's a sampling of closings: Venice is saying goodbye to boutique Wolf and shoe store Dewey, while French Connection shut its Beverly Center and Pasadena stores, and Frederic Fekkai is closing its Rodeo Drive flagship salon. And there's many, many more.
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