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PriceChopper: Another Slim Shave for Neutra's Barsha Residence

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Watching the pricechops on the Neutra-designed Barsha Residence is a little like watching Paulie slice garlic in "Goodfellas". So thin it practically liquefies. When the house first went on the market in October, the listing price was a hefty $2.495 million (after an extensive restoration and a previous sale price of $1.487 million in June 2008). By February of this year the price on the three-bedroom, two-bath house had dropped a cautious $100,000. Now it's been chopped again, albeit slightly more aggressively, this time by $200,000 to $2.195 million. How low will it finally go? It's also now available for lease, at $7,500 per month.
· 302 Mesa Rd Pacific Palisades, CA 90402 [Redfin]
· PriceChopper: Slim Shave for Neutra's Barsha Residence
[Curbed LA]