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New To Market: Slightly Sloped House for Sale In Woodland Hills

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We're not sure why the bank or listing agent isn't just advertising this as a tear-down. This bank-owned three-bedroom, two-bath home on a 13,556 lot boasts a deck with a view, a kitchen with "wood like flooring" and tile counters and a master bedroom with mirrored closets. Know what else it boasts? "FLOORS SLOPE!" The use of all caps and an exclamation mark almost make the listing agent sound excited. Think of the possibilities! Awesome indoor skateboarding. A challenging game of jacks. Bring your roomba for hours of entertainment. The listing doesn't know why the floor slopes and doesn't care: "Foundation, soil, drainage issues? Bring your contractors!" Last sold in February 2008 for $596,063, today's asking price is $288,800 or $215 per square foot.
· 5046 Marmol Dr Woodland Hills, CA 91364 [Redfin]