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Metro Says Si to Linea de Oro

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How long before Bill O'Reilly get his mitts on this? Metro has given approval to County Supervisor Gloria Molina's motion to use a Spanish translation as the name for the Gold Line extension into East LA, reports the Los Angeles Times: "The entire light rail line, which stretches from Pasadena to the eastern edge of East L.A., will still be called the Gold Line. But the segment that opens this summer, traversing Boyle Heights and East L.A., will also be named La Linea de Oro, Edward R. Roybal in Spanish-language MTA literature and brochures and on station signs. In English materials, that segment will be called the Edward R. Roybal Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension." Maya Emsden, a Metro executive who oversees signage and maps, said a "property naming" policy exists that states public discussion must come before a change (which didn't happen in this case), but the transit agency can always go against their own policy, she added. [LA Times]