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Love in the Time of A Silver Lake Short Sale

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If you don't have a spare hour or two to go through the brutally honest Love in the Time of Foreclosure blog, here are the finer points:
---It was started by a local couple, Steph and Bob, who are trying to sell their Silver Lake home in a short sale deal. The home was, or is, in the process of being foreclosed upon by Countrywide.
---The couple, who met on bike ride for charity (AIDS Ride from Minneapolis to Chicago) have their ups and downs. But there's also a hopeful message about what they're going through (on some days. Other days sound a little rough). A January 2009 post: “What is all of this but opportunity? Losing everything is an opportunity to start again with knowledge we didn't have before. It's an adventure..."
--They are both employed, working 3 jobs, but their total income doesn’t pay their mortgage. Before he got laid off, it sounds like Bob had a well-paid job in the tech industry.
--On not being victims: "We weren't "victims" of greedy lenders or overextending ourselves on a subprime mortgage. No, that wasn't us. We put 20% down on a 30-year fixed. We had the income. Then it went away. Poof. Then the market changed. Dramatically. And we couldn't sell our house for full-price. Couldn't pay the mortgage, couldn't sell the house."
--They've been holding open houses. Here's one post: "The Open House went well. 25 people came through. We've had more on previous Open Houses, but in this market that is still solid. According to our Realtor, there was a lot of interest and people were very impressed. This usually the case, so it doesn't really mean anything and doesn't always translate into an offer. But we're hoping it will. Everyone knows the situation. It's a short sale. The bank is already reviewing one offer, so if you really want the house, you need to submit a good, clean offer."
---It's all about the love, people. (And they've got plenty of time for romantic nights together at night because they gave up satellite television.) "The single most powerful reason we've been able to keep this whole mess in perspective is because a year and a half ago we came very close to losing something much more valuable than a house: our marriage."
OK, the only question mark: Which Silver Lake house are they selling?
· Love in the Time of Foreclosure [Official Site]