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What a Downed Billboard Looks Like

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Eastsider LA is reporting that several small billboards on Echo Park Avenue were removed today. There's one pictured. It also sounds like City Council President Eric Garcetti was on hand when the things were removed. It's not clear which ones were taken down, but last year, we did a photo essay of all some of the Echo Park Avenue billboards, specifically the ones that are on people's lawns. Meanwhile, yesterday the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) took up the issue of that beastly and controversial sign ordinance. But there's no quick decision here: According to LA Weekly, the committee will wait another two weeks before discussing the ordinance again. UPDATE: According to Julie Wong, spokesperson for Garcetti, seven billboards (some of which were double-sided) were removed. The billboards were the property of Lamar (which recently acquired Vista Media), and while the boards were legal, the company agreed to remove them due to general neighborhood unhappiness about the boards. [Eastsider LA; image courtesy of]