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Flying Pods to LAX

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This may top that proposed escalator to take people up to Dodger Stadium: Blogdowntown has info on a 1960s-era proposal to use cargo helicopters as public transit between Union Station and LAX. The modified Sikorsky SkyCrane copters would have picked up and dropped off "pods" of passengers--about 60 people--and make the trip in about nine minutes. Yes, that's a third of the time that our beloved Flyaway bus takes, and less than a tenth of the time it takes via Metro. Of course, there was the whole issue of landing giant noisy helicopters in downtown every 15 minutes, and the proposal never made it past the construction of some neat models. Meanwhile, what's the real reason that the Green Line doesn't go all the way to LAX? The lobbying of the taxi companies?--Dan Caroselli UPDATE: Not the taxis. Commenter Peter McFerrin explains all below. [Blogdowntown; image courtesy of]

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045