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CurbedWire: Seafood Gas Station, Bel-Air Ordinance Watch

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LOS ANGELES: That gas station turned seafood outlet on Riverside Drive is the best thing ever. They've added more banners, including one with a dancing carp and lobster under the words "Welcome back, Manny" and also started painting the actual station itself. Maybe one day you'll be able to pull up and pump shrimp into your car. Curbed Staff]

BEL AIR: The Bel-Air blog has been following the LA City Planning Department's set of meetings to discuss a proposed ordinance that would apply to building in the hills, an ordinance similar to last year's Baseline Mansionization Ordinance. You can read their summary of what's being proposed, but they also inform everyone that the last day of this “early comment period” is April 30th. Their take on the ordinance: "The changes ultimately formulated may have a major impact on future development in the hillsides, including the manner in which existing houses may be remodeled or redeveloped by current home owners." [Bel Air Blog]