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South Park's Glass Tower Stirs, Heads to Downtown Meeting Tonight

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Given all the delays surrounding this project, it's easy to be skeptical about the prospects of this thing actually going up, but tonight the Downtown Neighborhood Council's Planning and Land Use Committee will hear a presentation by a representative from land use consulting firm Craig Lawson on the long-dormant Glass Tower, developer Amir Kalantari’s planned residential building at Grand and 11th. “Basically, [Craig Lawson] is presenting the Glass Tower before the committee because we are making a slight revision to the existing entitlements,” Kalantari tells us, adding that number of condos changed from 125 to 151. But tonight’s meeting is also meant to start generating neighborhood (and perhaps financial) support for the project, which'll go up on a key corner in South Park. In May, there'll be a neighborhood meeting, ie a kind of meet and greet, to introduce the Glass Tower to locals.

As far as the future of the project, current head of the Planning and Land Use Committe Shiraz D. Tangri’s notes in an email to Curbed that "getting the project fully entitled makes it more valuable, if they are interested in selling it, and can also attract investors and lenders."

Kalantari said following these upcoming meeting, and anticipated approvals by the Planning Commission, he’ll start looking for financing for the project, but he says he is not selling the land. “I would have sold it by now if that was my intention,” he says, pointing out that he has owned the land for five years and would have sold during the real estate boom. But without any financing, no ground-breaking date is scheduled. The project is still being worked on by De Stefano & Partners; above is a more recent rendering.

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