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The Horror: Brando Loft Brings On Lawsuit

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On Friday the Broadcast Center Apartments at 7660 Beverly Boulevard was hit with a lawsuit by the Marlon Brando Trust for infringement of the trademarked Brando name, according to the New York Times. Apparently the apartment complex, which adjoins Pan Pacific Park and the Grove, has named a few of its residences after the actor, including "The Brando" and "The Brando Den." And the trustees, which include producer Mike Medavoy and a former personal assistant of Brando, aren't very happy. They've been trying to make a business of the Brando legacy since his death in 2004, and are in development of a lifestyle brand that would include a resort on the late actor's famed private island. Shocker of shockers, the brand is particularly looking to the young Brando for inspiration. Meanwhile, it looks like Brando Lofts names all of its units after Hollywood stars. Looking over the web site, there's also The Hepburn Loft and the Bogart Loft--Dan Caroselli [ Image on right via the SMH ]
· Protecting Brando Legacy, Trustees You Can’t Refuse [New York Times]