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Hollywood Hills' Castillo del Lago Hits Market

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A nine-bedroom chateau on Mulholland Drive, Castillo del Lago was at one point owned by Madonna, who purchased the home back in 1993 for about $5 million. And it's Madonna's terrible renovation of this home that warranted a mention in a 1999 Los Angeles magazine article. The piece is a story about real estate agent Crosby Doe: "But for Doe, the most galling example of misguided renovation occurred during Madonna's ownership of John DeLario's 1926 Hollywood Hills masterpiece, Castillo del Lago. Once his favorite property in L.A., one he'd sold three times before, Castillo was transformed by the pop singer (and her designer brother, Christopher Ciccone) from a grand Andalusian Spanish house into a root-beer-red faux Florentine villa. Even worse, Doe has to see it every day; he and his wife Linda live in a painstakingly restored two-story Spanish aerie designed by Blick on the same mountaintop. "She wrecked it," says Doe. "They took the historic tiles off the roof, threw them in a Dumpster and put on these Taco Bell tiles. It was one desecration after another. Criminal!" Well, the big Taco Bell can be yours for $14.95 million. The home is now owned by a commercial director, according to Real Estalker.
· 6342 MULHOLLAND Hwy [Redfin]