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Real Estate is a Dirty Word

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The New York Times looks at how the topic of real estate, now as dingy and unappealing as "tech stocks in the aftermath of the Internet boom" is now longer socially unacceptable to talk about in casual conversation. Via the NYT: "“From what I see, it’s not that it’s a dirty word, but that it’s not a word anymore,” said David S. Markus, 44, a former hedge fund manager who owns a co-op on the Upper West Side. “Nobody wants to talk about it. In my building a year ago, people would talk about how much someone listed their apartment for. Today nobody wants to talk about the fact that we have three apartments in the B line that are for sale and none have sold. We’re all in this together and everybody’s apartment has come down in value and nobody wants to talk about it.” But that's New York. And Angelenos love themselves some foreclosure talk. [Redfin]