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Harry Warner Hanock Park Estate Now A Short Sale

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Even the hallowed hood of Hancock Park is not immune to short sales. This weekend, Harry Warner's seven-bedroom five and-bath estate came back on the market after originally being priced at $4.75 million. Built in 1923 by Warner Bros studio co-founder Warner, the estate was designed by architect Burnside Sturges, according to Here's what the LA Times said about the place last fall: "In 1923, Harry Warner, the eldest of the four brothers who established Warner Bros. studios, commissioned this 14-room Georgian Colonial-style house in Hancock Park, which was becoming the address for many of Los Angeles' moneyed denizens. Warner didn't keep the place too long, however. He sold it after a few years to help finance one of the industry's first talking pictures, "The Jazz Singer" (1927), starring Al Jolson." Now offered at a “hugely reduced” $3.675 million, the sprawling 5,555 square foot Georgian Colonial mansion was initially listed in September 2008 and underwent two price changes before being taken off the market in January. Besides the typical great estate amenities (large over-sized pool, tennis court, and detached guest house), this mansion still boasts the original screening room in the basement where Harry and his many Hollywood friends used to hang out.
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